Check Payment

In situations where you want to redirect your users to a custom page after a successful payment, it is good to check that that the obtained variables (sent to your page from the payment form) are valid. This method allows validate them, in order to ensure that they come from a valid transaction. All results are in JSON.

This method is accessed by


Parameter Description Remarks
id payment form id required
reference an order reference returned by either PayPal or Stripe required
orderId the local order id (used by Cryptolens) required


Parameter Description Remarks
state if the values (id, reference, orderId) are correct, state will be true. False otherwise. always returned

Example results



Some (or all) of the parameters were in an incorrect format.

Error Remarks

  • The error will be thrown if some of the parameters have a default value, for example if id=-1reference=null and orderId=-1.