Get Activated Machines

Each key can be configured to work on certain devices only using Activation (add a new machine code) and Deactivation (remove an existing machine code). In order to retrieve the list of currently activated machine codes, this method can be used. It will return a list of all machine codes as well as the IP address that was used to activate the device and finally the server time when activation occurred (the first time). Keep in mind that you have to explicitly enable the access to this functionality. This can be done in Security Settings. All results are in JSON.

This method is accessed by


Parameter Description Remarks
uid the user id required
pid the product id required
hsum the control value required
sid the serial key string required
privateKey the private key (you can find it here) required


This method will return a JSON array of the following type (described below).
Parameter Description Remarks
mid the machine code of the device always returned
IP the IP address of the activated machine (the IP address that requested Activation) always returned
Time the date and time when the activation was performed (the first time). always returned

Example results



  • The server time (returned using Time) is the date and time when activation occurred. If activation method is executed more than once, this will not affect the Time. The Time field will only be changed if a the device is re-activated (i.e. first, it is deactivated and activated again.)


The hsum was incorrect.
The subscription level of the user does not allow this functionality.
Unable to access the given product. Either it does not exist or it is not set to be public.
Unable to access the key. Either, the key does not exist, it is blocked or was in incorrect format.
The user has either disabled <i>current activated machines</i> or the <i>private key</i> was incorrect or the user's subscription level does not allow this functionality.