The following page is kept as a reference only. If you start a new project, please consider using Deactivate method in Web API 3 instead.
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All keys that are stored in a product that is public that have already been activated can be deactivated using Web API. Note, as with activation, deactivation requires automatic activation to be enabled (in the control panel) . All results are in JSON.

This method is accessed by


Parameter Description Remarks
uid the user id required
pid the product id required
hsum the control value required
sid the serial key string required
mid the machine code you want to deactivate required


Parameter Description Remarks
key the key (sid parameter) where mid was deactivated always returned
mid the mid parameter (the same value as the input parameter mid) always returned

Example results



The hsum was incorrect.
The subscription level of the user does not allow this functionality.
Unable to access the given product. Either it does not exist or it is not set to be public.
Unable to access the key. Either, the key does not exist, it is blocked or was in incorrect format.
Unable to deactivate the machine code. Either the machine code was never activated or key activation feature was never set up.