Add Customer

This method will add new customer. To remove an existing customer, please see Remove Customer.

This method is accessed by


Parameter Description Remarks
Name The name of the customer (at most 100 chars) required
Email The email of the customer (at most 100 chars) required
CompanyName The company name of the company the customer belongs to (at most 100 chars) required
EnableCustomerAssociation If set to true, a portal link will be returned where the customer will be able to view their licenses. Optional, false by default.
AllowActivationManagement If set to true, the customer activate and deactivate devices through the customer portal. Optional, false by default.
AllowMultipleUserAssociation If set to true, it will be possible to associate multiple user accounts with this customer. Optional, false by default.
v Method version. optional. by default, it's 1.


Parameter Description Remarks
CustomerId A unique integer identifier associated with this customer. always returned
PortalLink A link that allows the customer to create an account where they will see their licenses (in the customer dashboard). Returned if EnableCustomerAssociation is set to true.
Secret The customer secret that can be used in some methods as an alternative way to authenticate customers. Always returned
Result This is either 0(=success) or 1(=error). always returned
Message The message that provides additional information about the result. always returned.

Example results

{"customerId":479,"secret":"customer secret","result":0,"message":null}


Access denied.
The input parameters were incorrect.