Create Message

This method will create a new message (which you can also manage here). This method requires Edit Messages permission.

This method is accessed by


Parameter Description Remarks
Channel Specifies the channel of the message. optional
Content The message content. For example, this can be a message about an update or a link to download the new version. Please check out this article for more ideas. optional
Time The format is unix timestamp. If no time is specified, we will set it to the time when this message was sent. optional
v Method version. optional. by default, it's 1.


Parameter Description Remarks
MessageId The id of the message that was created. required
Result This is either 0(=success) or 1(=error). always returned
Message The message that provides additional information about the result. always returned.

Example results



Access denied.
The input parameters were incorrect.
The timestamp in the Time parameter does not have the correct format.