Get Messages

This method will return a list of messages that were broadcasted. You can create new messages here. Messages can be filtered based on the time and the channel.

This method is accessed by


Parameter Description Remarks
Channel Specifies the channel, whose messages you would like to retrieve. If not set, messages from all channels will be returned. optional
Time Allows you to retrieve only those messages that were created after a certain Time (strictly greater than), eg. the last time you contacted the server. The format is unix timestamp. If no time is specified, all messages will be returned. optional
v Method version. optional. by default, it's 1.


Parameter Description Remarks
Messages A list Message objects. returned if no error was thrown
Result This is either 0(=success) or 1(=error). always returned
Message The message that provides additional information about the result. always returned.

Example results

{"messages":[{"id":13,"content":"v401 is now available for download","created":1537815312,"channel":"stable"}],"result":0,"message":null}


Access denied.
The input parameters were incorrect.
The timestamp in the Time parameter does not have the correct format.