Quick Start


Cryptolens has a comprehensive API with methods that can be split up into two groups: those that are used 1) inside your app and 2) with third party services (CRM, payments, etc). To get you up and running, we will focus on point 1, i.e. integrating it into your app.

Code Snippets

Our API can easily be accessed through any type of environment. For example, you get license key using either a directly call to our API or through our .NET Client. Please replace the ProductId and the Key with your specific ones.

curl https://api.cryptolens.io/api/key/GetKey? \ 
     -d token=[token] \
     -d ProductId=5 \
string token = "[token]";

var license = new LicenseKey { token = token, ProductId = 5, Key = key };

    // could not refresh. check the permissions. It's GetKey, not GetKeys!

// if we are here, we were able to retrieve the key correctly!

If you are using C++, quick guide can be found here. Please also see the VB.NET step by step tutorial.

API Keys

These are your specific API keys. You will notice that many of our examples require them. If you want to change the scope of permissions, we recommend to read this page.

RSA Public Key

Access Token

This access token has both access to Activate and GetKey methods.