License Key

A license key object represents information related to a specific license found inside a product.


Parameter Description Remarks
ProductId The ID of the product that this key belongs to. An integer
ID The ID (within the product) of the license key. An integer
Key The license key string, eg. ABCDE-EFGHI-JKLMO-PQRST. A string
Created The creation date of the license key. A DateTime
Expires The expiration date of the license key. Note, it's optional and it's up to your program to interpret this. Please see Key's that don't expire. A DateTime
Period The duration of current license cycle eg. 30 days. Note, this is a static number and does not change automatically. An integer
F1 The feature 1 of the license key. A boolean
F2 The feature 2 of the license key. A boolean
F3 The feature 3 of the license key. A boolean
F4 The feature 4 of the license key. A boolean
F5 The feature 5 of the license key. A boolean
F6 The feature 6 of the license key. A boolean
F7 The feature 7 of the license key. A boolean
F8 The feature 8 of the license key. A boolean
Notes The notes field of the license key. A string of max 150 characters.
Block This will always be false. A boolean
GlobalId A unique identifier of the license key. It can, for instance, be used as a "ReferencerId" when creating a data object(aka additional variables). An integer
Customer The entire customer object assigned to this license key. A Customer Object
ActivatedMachines Activated devices/machines that belong to this license key. A list of Activation data
TrialActivation Tells if trial activation is enabled. A boolean
MaxNoOfMachines The maximum number of machines/devices that may activate this license. By setting this to 0, machine locking will be disabled and an unlimited number of devices will be able to activate the license. An integer
AllowedMachines Machine codes of those devices that will be prioritized during activation. Even if the limit is achieved, these will still be activated. A string
DataObjects A list of Data objects, additional variables associated with the license key. A Data objects
SignDate The DateTime when this activation file was signed. Returned with no value.
Signature The signature of the all the fields above Returned with no value.


{"productId":1234,"id":1,"key":"AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA","created":"2015-08-27T00:00:00","expires":"2018-11-03T00:00:00","period":1023,"f1":true,"f2":false,"f3":false,"f4":false,"f5":false,"f6":false,"f7":false,"f8":false,"notes":"this key is used as an example in one of the test cases.","block":false,"globalId":24963,"customer":{"id":3,"name":"Bob","email":"","companyName":"SKM","created":"2015-09-04T16:11:14.453"},"activatedMachines":[{"mid":"5632812","ip":"","time":"2016-03-25T18:56:34.647"},{"mid":"7632812","ip":"","time":"2016-04-06T15:05:35.733"},{"mid":"85256631","ip":"","time":"2016-04-07T22:18:26.673"}],"trialActivation":false,"automaticActivation":true,"maxNoOfMachines":10,"allowedMachines":"","dataObjects":[],"signDate":"2","signature":null}