Object Log


Parameter Description Remarks
Id A unique identifier of the event. An integer
Created The time when this event occurred. Unix timestamp (integer)
ResourceType The resource type is the affected object of this event.
  1. Unspecified
  2. Customer
  3. IssuedLicense
  4. LicenseKey
  5. LicenseIssuance
  6. Product
  7. DataObject
ResourceAction The action that was performed on the object.
  1. None
  2. Added
  3. Updated
  4. Deleted
AffectedObjectId The id of the object that was affected. integer
ObjectOwnerUserId The id of the user who owns this object. integer
PerformedByUserId The id of the user who performed the action. string
Data Contains a JSON object related to this event. For example, if the object is created, this will contain a JSON version of the object. If only certain fields hava changed, a JSON dictionary will be returned where the key is the name of the field and the value is an array where the first value is the old value and the second value is the new value. string