Get Customer Licenses

This method will return a list of license keys that belong to a certain customer.

This method is accessed by


Parameter Description Remarks
CustomerId The id of the customer whose licenses we want to access. required
Detailed Specifies the amount of parameters that should be included with each license key in the LiceseKeys. If true, License Key will be used. By default, Basic License Key will be used (where for instance data objects and activated devices are omitted.) optional. default is false.
Metadata Includes additional information about each license key, such as number of activated devices, etc. optional. false by default.
v Method version. optional. by default, it's 1.


Parameter Description Remarks
LicenseKeys The license keys that belong to the customer. This is either a list of License Key (if Detailed=true) or Basic License Key otherwise. always returned
Metadata Additional information about each license key. This is a dictionary of (GlobalId, Metadata) pairs. In order to retrieve metadata for a specific license key, its GlobalId should be used. returned if
Result This is either 0(=success) or 1(=error). always returned
Message The message that provides additional information about the result. always returned.

Example results



  • If Detailed=true, it will take longer time to execute this method. Therefore, the default option should be preferred.


Access denied.
The input parameters were incorrect.
Customer does not exist.